MRB people counting camera HPC008

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“Head” People counting Camera

Protocol/API provided

More than 95% accuracy

Plug and Play to install People counting Camera

Occupancy control setting in software

Free software

Low cost and good price People counting Camera

Reported as ” Black Tech” in Shanghai Pudong International airport.


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This People counting camera is our star product. It was installed at Shanghai Pudong International Airport. It was also interviewed by Shanghai TV and hailed as a black technology, here is the video for the news: 

Many of our People counting camera are patented products. In order to avoid plagiarism, we did not put too much content on the website. You can contact our sales staff to send you more detailed information about our People counting camera.

HPC008 People counting camera is similar to Hikvision People counting camera, but MRB People counting camera has different advantages from Hikvision People counting camera. It uses a video-based passenger flow statistics system to perform accurate statistical analysis on shop traffic data, which can accurately count shops. Information such as the number of people entering and exiting each door and the direction of the flow of people has the characteristics of strong adaptability, high accuracy and low operating costs. The powerful passenger flow statistical analysis and management function can provide dozens of reports for customers, and Integrate with third-party software systems to provide decision makers with more scientific data support. Unlike Hikvision People counting camera, MRB People counting camera has four core technologies, namely object tracking technology, environmental reference technology, human detection technology, and trajectory formation technology. Through the analysis of the passenger flow data at the entrances and exits of each venue, it is a reasonable allocation , Scientific scheduling and safety guarantees provide a reliable basis. Reasonable business hours can be set according to customer traffic, and the number of people can be set under special circumstances to cooperate with alarm linkage. MRB People counting camera is mainly for shopping malls and retail Provide analysis service support for chain stores, public attractions, exhibition halls, public transportation and crowded places.

The function of HPC008 People counting camera
1. The data obtained by People counting camera is integrated with sales, and then the purchase rate can be calculated.
2. Two-way passenger flow is accurately counted, the total passenger flow is counted, the standard is met and the distance is wider.
3. Real-time know the number of people on each corridor floor through HPC008 People counting camera.
4. Changes in the internal passenger flow of the store and average passenger flow.

5. Average residence time of visitors.
6. The passenger flow data collected by HPC008 People counting camera will be deeply mined, and then the data will be integrated and analyzed.
7. Rich passenger flow data report, intuitive and diversified types.
8. After installing the HPC008 People counting camera in each location of the store, you can calculate the passenger flow density in the store, analyze data from multiple angles, and evaluate the trend of passenger flow.
9. Count the number of people stranded in the premises.
10. The software of HPC008 People counting camera can perform occupancy control.

Project Equipment Parameters Performance Indicators
Power supply DC1236V Voltage fluctuations of 15% allowed
Power consumption 3.6W Average power consumption
System Operating Language Chinese/English/Spanish
Operation interface C/S operation configuration mode
Accuracy rate 95%
External interface RS485 interface Custom baud rate and ID, multi machine network supported
RS232 interface Custom baud rate
RJ45 Device debugging, http protocol transmission
Video output PAL, NTSC system
Operating temperature -35℃~70 In well ventilated environment
Storage temperature -40~85℃ In well ventilated environment
Average failure-free time MTBF More than 5,000 hours
Installation height 1.9~2.2m
Environment illuminance  
0.001 lux (dark environment) ~ 100klux (outdoor direct sunlight), no fill-in light needed, accuracy rate not affected by environment illumination.
Earthquake resistance level  
Meets national standard QC/T 413 "Basic technical conditions for automotive electrical equipment"
Electromagnetic compatibility  
Meets national standard QC/T 413 "Basic technical conditions for automotive electrical equipment"
Radiation protection  
Meets EN 62471: 2008 “Photo-biological safety of lamps and lamp systems”
Degree of protection Meets IP43 (completely dust-proof, anti-waterjet intrusion)
Heat dissipation Passive structural heat dissipation
Size 178mm*65mm*58mm


Installation Height


2.6--2.7 M


2.8--3.0 M


2.9--3.2 M


3.2--3.8 M


3.9--4.4 M


4.4--5.1 M


The critical height, advised to choose a large lens


This test results is based on persons of average 1.7M


Effective width detection 2M

MRB people counting camera HPC008 video

We have many types of People counting camera, 2D, 3D, AI People counting camera, there is always one that will suit you, please contact us, we will recommend the most suitable People counting camera for you within 24 hours.

FAQ for the People counting Camera HPC008

1.What is the difference between Infrared People counter and People counting Camera?

The technical principle of infrared people counter is to trigger people counter to count by cutting off infrared rays. The people counting camera is a people counter that counts people by collecting portraits for comparison and judgment. In essence, the technology is different. Generally speaking, the accuracy of people counting camera is higher than that of infrared people counter.

2.Does this people counting camera support WiFi?

Both wired and wireless networks are supported.

3.For the passenger flow data of people counting camera, I want to use my own software to read it instead of your software. What should I do?

We will provide protocol and API according to your specific needs, and then assist your technicians to perfectly connect our equipment with your system, so as to use your software to view and use data.

4.What is the after-sales support of this counting camera? How long, Warranty? What are the technical advantages of this people counting camera?

We have been working in this people counting industry for nearly 20 years. We will always provide after-sales support. You can find us at any time through website, email or other ways. For warranty, most of the other companies only supports 1 year. We have full confidence in our products. We provide warranty for about 2-3 years. If you are also our agent, we provide warranty service indefinitely to support the development and maintenance of all agents in the local business to the greatest extent.

5.Where is this camera people counter produced? To sell to which country? Are there any classic installation cases?

As a professional people counter manufacturer, in the past 20 years, we have sold our products to important areas such as retail, tourism and transportation all over the world to assist in data collection and analysis. The most classic case is that our HPC008 people counting camera is adopted by Shanghai Pudong airport to perfectly solve the problem of Spending long time to take a taxi. It is called a "black technology" by Shanghai news. We have a specific introduction in the YouTube video above.

6. How about the People counter price? How can I get a better price?

Compared with the same products in other countries, our products have the advantages of high technology, low price, simple installation and perfect after-sales service. Our full range of counters range from tens of dollars to hundreds of dollars. For details, please consult our sales staff, who will give you a detailed quotation.

7. Is this people counting camera easy to install?

The installation is very convenient. You only need to fix the base with screws, and the product can be stuck on the base. The network cable and power supply are plug and play. Installation can be completed in 5 minutes.

8. I have dozens of chain stores. Can this people counting camera make centralized statistics? Can I make a summary analysis?

Of course, our product is designed for chain stores. The software is very powerful and has many functions, such as dividing regions, dividing stores, specifying permissions, Occupancy control, opening and closing control, time-sharing summary, etc. if you have other needs, we can also customize according to your needs.

9. During the epidemic period, our country needs to carry out flow restriction control. Can I use your people counting camera for personnel flow restriction management?

At the beginning of 2020, we specially developed current limiting software for the epidemic situation. All our people counters can realize personnel Occupancy control. The current Occupancy control software also has functions such as door opening and closing control, alarm and so on.

10. Are there other styles of people counting camera in your company, such as 3D people counting camera?

In the past 20 years, as a people counter provider, we have many series, such as infrared people counter, 2D people counter, 3D people counter, AI people counter, and dozens of products for you to choose from, from cheap to expensive, from simple to Hi-tech. There is always one for you.

11. I have a farm. I want to count cattle and sheep, can I?

Of course, our AI people counting camera can perfectly learn itself from different objects, and then accurately compare and count the objects.

12. Seeing that you have many styles of people counter, I want to sell your products in my country, is that OK? What is the process?

We welcome customers from all over the world to negotiate agency matters. Let's work together to promote the people counting to the more brilliant future. Please contact our sales staff for consultation on the specific process. Thank you for your trust!

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