MRB AI People counter HPC201

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AI processor built-in.
IP65 waterproof, can be used in outdoor.
API and protocol provided.
5 to 50 meters far distance detection range.
4 different areas can be set to count separately.
Target identification, tracking, counting.
Specific targets learning and calibration function.

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What is AI people counter?

AI people counter is a device that uses AI technology to analyze and compare portraits and then calculate accurate passenger flow. We are AI people counter Manufacturers and suppliers and we have different people counters with different technology, Compared with infrared technology and video technology, AI technology has the advantages of higher accuracy and wider detection width and range. Please refer to the following details:

8 advantages of HPC201 AI people counting sytem:

1.AI people counter has built-in AI processing chip, which can independently complete target recognition, tracking, counting and control. It can be used in people counting, area management, occupancy control, etc.

2.HPC201 AI people counter adopts IP65 waterproof design and can be installed indoors and outdoors.

3.It can be used alone or online to provide passenger flow data support for managers of retail industry, tourism, parks, commerce and other industries. At the same time, it can provide intelligent security control solutions for banking, road traffic and other industries.

4.When HPC201 AI people counting system cannot accurately identify the target at a specific angle, the recognition rate can be improved by increasing target samples through target learning and training.

5.HPC201 AI people counter supports installation at any angle. It has a very low probability of being affected under backlight, backlight or sunlight. It can automatically filter the influence of target shadow. It adopts a highly sensitive image sensor. It can work normally even at night as long as there is weak ambient light.

6.HPC201 AI people counting system integrates the passenger flow statistics function, which is not affected by the visual angle. The maximum field of view coverage can reach 20m, and 50 targets can be tracked at the same time.

7.Customize the area and the walking direction of people, and make passenger flow statistics for people respectively. HPC201 AI people counter can perfectly realize the separate statistics of passenger flow outside the store and passenger flow inside the store.

8.HPC201 AI people counting system can be perfectly connected with hard disk video recorder to provide HD video monitoring function.

The parameters of HPC201 AI people counter

  HPC201-3.6 HPC201-6 HPC201-8 HPC201-16
camera lens
3.6mm 6.0mm 8.0mm 16mm
Distance detection
1-6m 4-12m 8-18m 12-25m
Power supply mode DC12V 2A power Adapter, POE (optional)
Power consumption 4W
Based on the quad core arm cortex A7 32-bit kernel, it integrates neon and FPU. 32KB I cache, 32KB D cache and 512KB shared L2 cache
image sensor
Video stream  
Onvif protocol, supporting third-party device storage
Video resolution
Image standard
H.265 、H.264 、MJPEG
Frame rate    Main code stream: 3840 * 2160 1-30 frames / SSecondary code stream: 1280 * 720 1-20 frames / S
Night lighting white light
Heat dissipation mode   Aluminum alloy shell passive heat dissipation
Minimum illumination   Color 0 005Lux@F1.2Black and white 0.001Lux@F1.2    0Lux with IR
Local clock   The local clock can be automatically calibrated or calibrated by the web page.
Network port   10m / 100M adaptive
Web software management support
Local report
Data storage
operating system LINUX
Water-Proof level
ø 145* 120mm
humidity 45 ~95 %

 More product features of HPC201 AI people counter:

1.HPC 201 People counter Video resolution: 3840x2160 video compression standard: h.265 H.264, support onvif protocol, national standard g28181 protocol

2. HPC 201 People counter Interfaces: 1 DC12V interface, 1 RJ45 interface and 1 hard contact interface

3. HPC 201 People counter supports onvif protocol and national standard g28181 protocol

4.Three code streams, the user can select the code stream and adjust the resolution, frame rate and video quality

5. HPC 201 People counting system supports digital 3D noise reduction, making the image clearer and smoother;

6. HPC 201 People counter supports passenger flow detection, traffic flow detection, mixed detection of passenger flow and traffic flow, and regional control

7. HPC 201 People counting system supports picture movement detection / picture occlusion, and can set 4 occlusion areas and 4 detection areas

8. HPC 201 People counter supports remote real-time monitoring, network user management and network time synchronization

9.Support automatic restart function after power failure / accidental failure

10. HPC 201 People counter supports automatic filter switching, realize day and night monitoring, and support mobile phone monitoring; Poe power supply (optional);

11. HPC 201 People counter supports character superposition, adjustable superposition position and automatic reverse color display

As a professional AI people counter manufacturer supplier, we can provide AI people counter with high quality and low price, and provide perfect after-sales service. We welcome customers all over the world to consult and jointly explore the international market.

HPC198/HPC201 AI people counter video

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