MRB AI Vehicle counting system HPC199

Short Description:

AI processor built-in.

IP65 waterproof, can be used in outdoor.

API and protocol provided.

5 to 50 meters far distance detection range.

4 different areas can be set to count separately.

Target identification, tracking, counting.


Specific targets learning and calibration function.


Product Detail

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HPC199 AI Vehicle counter is a vehicle counting that counts incoming and outgoing vehicles. It can also be used to count other objects or used for people counting. Many of our Vehicle counter are patented products. In order to avoid plagiarism, we did not put too much content on the website. You can contact our sales staff to send you more detailed information about our Vehicle counter.

HPC199 AI Vehicle counter has a built-in AI processing chip, which can independently complete target tracking, counting recognition, and control. It can be used for anti-tailing control, vehicle counting, overcrowding control, area management and other scenarios. It can also be integrated with brand DVR hard disk video recorders to provide high-definition video A multi-purpose and multi-function counting product with monitoring function, HPC199 AI Vehicle counter can be used on the Internet or stand-alone, and can also provide intelligent security control solutions for commercial tourism, retail, parks, banks, road transportation and other industries.

HPC199 AI Vehicle counter integrates the traffic statistics function, which is not affected by the visual angle.

The maximum field of view can cover up to 20 meters. It can track 50 targets at the same time.

Vehicle counting is carried out according to the customized area and target counting direction.

Only one A HPC199 vehicle counter can realize separate statistics of incoming and outgoing vehicles.

Installation Notes

 HPC199 AI Vehicle counter adopts IP65 waterproof design, which can carry out vehicle counting with the same accuracy even when used outdoors. HPC199 AI Vehicle counter supports installation at any angle, and the probability of being affected under backlight, backlighting or sunlight is extremely low. It can automatically filter the impact of target shadows. It uses a very sensitive image sensor even at night with weak ambient light. Normal vehicle counting statistics. When the HPC199 AI Vehicle counter cannot accurately identify the target at a specific angle, the target learning and training can be used to increase the target sample to improve the recognition rate.

Vehicle counting function of HPC199

1. Network user management, network time synchronization, support remote real-time monitoring.
2. Support digital 3D noise reduction, the image is clearer and smoother.
3. 1 RJ45 interface, 1 DC12V interface, 1 hard contact interface, 1 RS485 interface.
4. Support ONVIF protocol, national standard G28181 protocol.

5. Support passenger flow detection, vehicle flow detection, support area control, passenger flow and vehicle flow mixed detection.
6. Support automatic restart function after power failure/unexpected failure.
7. Support character superposition, superposition position adjustable and automatic reverse color display.
8. Industrial grade design, simple structure, high precision and strong stability.
9. Support automatic switching of filters to realize day and night monitoring, support mobile phone monitoring; POE power supply (optional).
10. Support screen motion detection/screen occlusion, 4 detection areas and 4 occlusion areas can be set.
11. The user can select the code stream and adjust the frame rate, resolution, and video quality.

 Vehicle counter





camera lens





Distance detection





Power supply mode

DC12V power Adapter

Power consumption



Binuclear ARM cortex A53   1.5GHz   32KBI-cache

image sensor

SONY IMX, 1/1.8" Progressive Scan CMOS

Minimum illumination

0.1 Lux (Streetlight environment at night)

Frame rate

10-30 frame/second

resolving power

Main stream 3840×2160  Sub stream 1280×720

Image standards

H265 / H264 / MJPEG


Onvif / http / modbus / RS485

Vehicle attribute classification

Bus / truck / car / motorcycle (tricycle) / bicycle

Web software management


Local report


Data storage


Interface mode

Network port, 485 port

Protection level



185mm* 85mm*90mm




45 ~95 %

HPC199 AI vehicle counter video for vehicle counting

We have many types of IR Vehicle counter, 2D, 3D, AI Vehicle counter, there is always one that will suit you, please contact us, we will recommend the most suitable Vehicle counter for you within 24 hours.

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