MRB wifi footfall counter HPC015S

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WIFI connection footfall counter

Andriod or IOS mobile phone can be used for setting

Good performance in Dark enviornment

Plug and Play

Protocol and API provided

Suitable for Chain Stores

OEM and ODM available

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Many of our footfall counter are patented products. In order to avoid plagiarism, we did not put too much content on the website. You can contact our sales staff to send you more detailed information about our footfall counter.

We use this footfall counter sensor to provide a fast-deployed, simple and efficient footfall counting solution for many libraries, museums, scenic spots, chain stores, supermarkets, and other places at home and abroad. This footfall counter can also be used for automatic occupancy control.

HPC015S footfall counter is an ultra-small, battery-powered, WIFI-transmitted passenger flow counter. Only one set of equipment can meet customer requirements. The screen is clear and updated in real time. No other costs are required. You can choose the networking mode or Stand-alone mode.

When the footfall counting machine uses the networking mode, the footfall counter provides a WIFI-AP network hotspot and built-in WEB service. After connecting and logging in with permission through any smart phone (Android, IOS), use the WEB page to set the parameters of the passenger flow counting terminal Or browse data, the server summarizes and provides various analysis reports, docking with third-party systems or function extensions.

The Footfall sensor can save the passenger flow record according to the set fixed period, and upload the passenger flow record to the designated server regularly according to the fixed period.

Footfall counter also provides full technical support to assist in secondary development, API interface calls and secondary development, providing a complete footfall counting machine communication protocol and related technical support, and a variety of data docking methods. The platform uses professional servers to provide smooth and comfortable applications Experience, independent data backup server to ensure data integrity.

Size 75x50x23mm
Color Black or white
Connection Wireless, Wifi module support
Detection width 1-20 meters
Battery up to 1.5 years (international standard battery)
Software Available
Data Checking way Mobile or PC

Why choose MRB footfall counter?

1. According to the changes in the passenger flow data calculated by the footfall counter, special areas and special periods can be judged, and the property management, maintenance and security can be effectively scheduled to avoid unnecessary property losses.
2. The passenger flow in the main area calculated by the footfall sensor provides a scientific basis for the integrated layout of the entire area.
3. Through statistics and comparison of passenger flow in different periods, scientifically evaluate the rationality of the promotion marketing operation strategy.

4. By analyzing the data in the footfall counter, objectively determine the price level of the counter shop rental.
5. According to the number of stranded passengers in the area, the human power resources can be adjusted reasonably to control the cost.
6. Provide a scientific basis for optimizing advertising and promotion budgets through passenger flow statistics.
7. Through the footfall sensor, the average spending power of the passenger flow can be calculated to provide a reference for product positioning.
8.Through the footfall counting machine, business hours can be set reasonably and cost loss can be reduced.

How footfall counter works?

Counting principle: partition technology, infrared radiation.
Data upload method: data upload to cloud server via wireless WIFI.
Data display: OLED large screen display real-time display of the day's entry and exit data.
Detection width: indoor 1-20 meters, outdoor 1-16 meters.

Counting method: the number of in and out passenger flows can be counted separately.
Data viewing method: enter the URL on the mobile phone or PC to enter the web page, log in to the account name and password to view, and you can access the data of various time periods for viewing.
Installation method: fix the infrared transmitter and infrared receiver at the same height on both sides of the channel, avoiding obstructions in the middle, and the installation height is between 1.2-1.4 meters.
Power supply mode: USD power supply, rechargeable lithium battery power supply (it can be used for about 3 months after a charge).
The device data of different stores can be viewed in the same account, managed at the same time, and data comparison can be performed.
Occupancy control can be set by the footfall counter software.

HPC015S Footfall counter video

We have many types of IR footfall counter, 2D, 3D, AI footfall counter, there is always one that will suit you, please contact us, we will recommend the most suitable footfall counter for you within 24 hours.

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