MRB Door people counter HPC001

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With USB cable to download data easily

LCD display to check data easily

OEM and ODM available

Wireless installation, plug and play

Mini size, Detailed chart

Battery powered

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This is a very simple door counter powered only by battery. Many of our Door counters are patented products. In order to avoid plagiarism, we did not put too much content on the website. You can contact our sales staff to send you more detailed information about our door counters.

The number of passenger flows is currently the largest leader in the market. Under the influence of geographical location, environment, traffic and other factors, the analysis and statistics of the number of passenger flows can be carried out scientifically and effectively, and operational decisions on the entire market can be made in a timely manner, which has become an improvement. The important role of the market business model, the use of scientific methods to collect passenger flow data is a way to grasp the business opportunities of the entire market.

HPC001 door counter is a counting device for counting passenger flow. It is small, light, and very easy to install. It also provides comprehensive data management. In order to meet the various needs of customers, it is installed and used in supermarkets, shopping malls, and all store entrances. Developed, HPC001 door counters can easily count the number of passenger flow at each time of the day, which is convenient to give merchants a systematic reference. Through changes in passenger flow, the entire area can be reasonably distributed, human resources can be rationally arranged, and the operating costs of shopping malls and supermarkets can be controlled. By comparing passenger flows in different periods, marketing and promotion strategies can be adjusted, which greatly increases the interests of supermarkets. It is suitable for retail places, cultural and sports places, entertainment places, public places and other places.

Features of HPC001 door counters

1. HPC001 door counter is With two operating languages, Chinese and English.
2. 1.15 inch LCD screen.
3. The door counters battery can be replaced every six months for operation, which is convenient and simple.
4. Convenient setting and management, which can be operated by the buttons on the counter.

5. The door counter Only need to perform counter management through Windows, no additional software is required.
6. Small size (113*67*20 mm) and light weight 213 grams.
7. The light on the door counters display will light up when someone passes.
8. A prompt will appear on the display when the battery is low.
9. A prompt will appear on the display when the signal is weak.
10. Normally count within a range of 2.5 meters, but can be upgraded to 9 meters without interference.
11. The door counters internal memory can store at least 500 hours of records.
12. Plastic base and joint frame device can be selected at will.
13. The door counters Data can be extracted by date and time.

We have many types of IR door counter, 2D, 3D, AI door people counter, there is always one that will suit you, please contact us, we will recommend the most suitable door counter for you within 24 hours.

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