MRB HPC088 Automatic Passenger Counting System for bus

Short Description:

95% to 98% accuracy in passenger counting

Not affected by light or shadows.

Baggage filtered and target height can be restricted

Dual Cameras / 3D technology automatic passenger counter

One-click Setting function after installation

Door opening or closing can trigger or stop the counter.

The Video can be recorded in our MDVR ( MDVR in our website)

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Many of our passenger counting system are patented products. In order to avoid plagiarism, we did not put too much content on the website. You can contact our sales staff to send you more detailed information about our passenger counting system.

HPC088 passenger counting system is a high-precision (98%+) passenger counting product for bus passenger automatic counting based on binocular stereo vision technology and intelligent video analysis technology. The binocular camera of the passenger counting system designed with human-like engineering design collects real-time passenger motion information in the door range, and quickly calculates the 3D data of the target passenger through the image processor, including the target passenger's height\shoulder width, etc., which does not conform to human characteristics Automatic filtering of target elements (such as trolleys, belongings, etc.) can achieve the same high-precision detection regardless of whether it is in the sun or in a dim environment.

HPC088 passenger counting system has RS232, RS485, two kinds of data interface, it is very convenient to interface with third-party systems to realize data interaction.

The binocular camera of the passenger counting system adopts human eye engineering design, built-in two CCD cameras to collect 3D images of the target, and collect real-time video streams at a speed of 25 frames per second. The passenger counting system has anti-shake function and is very suitable for use in the bus environment. It can automatically light according to the environment The intensity of infrared supplement light can be used normally during the day or night.

The image processor of the passenger counting system has a built-in high-performance graphics dedicated DSP processor, which processes the video stream information of the two binocular cameras in real time according to the preset graphics algorithm, calculates the real-time number of passengers on and off the two doors of the bus, and communicates with the third party through RS232 and RS485 interfaces The system conducts data exchange.

The image processor can be built-in GGM module (optional), which can realize the GPS positioning of buses and 3G\4G network data transmission, so the passenger counting system can form a complete data collection, data transmission, vehicle positioning function, and rapid deployment of applications.

The passenger counting system processor is installed in the hidden place of the ceiling of the bus. If the GGM module is used, the GPS\GPRS antenna must be placed in a position where the signal is well received.

MRB automatic passenger counter video

We have many types of IR passenger counting system, 2D, 3D, AI passenger counting system, there is always one that will suit you, please contact us, we will recommend the most suitable passenger counting system for you within 24 hours.

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