MRB ESL price tag system HL290

Short Description:

ESL price tag system Size: 2.9”

Wireless connection: radio Frequency 2.4GHz

Battery life:  around 5 years, replaceable battery

Protocol, API and SDK available, Can be integrated to POS system

ESL Label size from 1.54” to 12.5” or customized

Base station detection range up to 50 meters

Support collor: Black, White, RED and Yellow

Standalone software and network Software

Pre-formatted templates for the fast input

Product Detail

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Because our ESL price tag is very different from others' products, we do not leave all product information on our website to avoid being copied. Please contact our sales staff and they will send you the detailed information.

How ESL tag works?

A complete ESL tag system consists of four parts: the main computer PC, EPD screen, ESL tag and smart handheld terminal equipment.

ESL tag First, the commodity information in the database is encoded by the host computer through the ESL tag application software, and then the price and other information that needs to be updated are transmitted to the exciter via the Ethernet (or serial communication port); the exciter drives the loop antenna to load The RF radio signal with product data information is sent to the entire store.

The ESL tag system has two communication functions: point-to-point and group sending, that is: the host computer can transmit data to a specified ESL tag, or all ESL tags at once Take control. ESL tag actually successfully incorporated the shelf into the computer program, getting rid of the situation of manually changing the price tag, and achieving price consistency between the cash register and the shelf.
Each ESL tag stores multiple pieces of information about the corresponding product, and the salesperson can easily check and check with the help of smart handheld terminal equipment.

Why Choose ESL price tag?

1. ESL price tag is very reliable
Operation management automation, automatic monitoring and early warning mechanism, excellent electronic paper display performance, encrypted data transmission, battery life of more than 5 years

2.ESL price tag is very convenient
One-click price change, remote system software upgrade, ESL automatic round-robin mechanism, automatic resuming after power failure, simple installation and easy operation
3. ESL price tag flexible operation
Support multi-screen conversion, personalized custom price tag template, meet multiple language environments, compatible with multiple terminal platforms, rich accessories, adapt to multiple scenarios

In practical application: ESL price tag plays the role of information transmission and interaction carrier in the store, interacting with consumers, shop assistants, and headquarters in multiple dimensions to improve the consumer experience, optimize the workflow, and realize centralized operation and maintenance management. Stores can also connect online and offline through the ESL price tag, enabling physical stores to generate, collect, analyze and operate consumer behavior data, and provide a data foundation for retailers to achieve more precise marketing. Compared with traditional marketing methods such as the separation of online and offline, single methods, isolated contacts, unclear whereabouts of resources, and difficulty in tracking the final marketing effect, precision marketing can be easily achieved through the combined application of the shelf bar screen and ESL price tag. And the whole process is tracked, real-time control, to maximize the marketing effect.

Size 45mm(V)*89mm(H)*13.5mm(D)
Display color Black, white, yellow
Weight 44g
Resolution 296(H)×128(V)
Display Word/Picture
Operating temperature 0~50℃
Storage temperature -10~60℃
Battery life 5 years

We have many ESL price tags for you to choose from, there is always one that suits you! Now you can leave your valuable information through the dialog box in the lower right corner, and we will contact you within 24 hours.

The newly upgraded 2.4G 2.9” ESL price tag system is available now, the specifications as below:

Specifications for ESL price tag system

Product Photo for 2.4G 2.9” ESL Price Tag System

ESL price tag system

FAQ of the ESL price tag system

1.In addition to the 2.9 inch ESL price tag, do you have other sizes of ESL price tag?

As an ESL price tag manufacturer supplier, we try our best to meet the needs of most customers and provide ESL price tags of various sizes, from 1.54 inch to 11.6 inch or even larger.

2.Can we buy the battery used in ESL price tag from the supermarket? Or a special battery?

Cr2450 batteries are sold in general supermarkets, and if they are used normally, the batteries in our ESL price tag can be used for several years or even longer.

3.I'm a small supermarket owner. What do I need to buy to use your e ink price tag system?

In the hardware part, e ink price tags of different sizes are selected according to different commodities. In the installation process, various accessories are required to install e ink price tag, and then base station is required to transmit data. PDA is required to input commodities.

In the software part, we have online software and single store software for you to choose from.

The next step is the installation of E Ink price tag and the docking of software. We have detailed instructions and engineers will guide you to install and connect the software.

4. What kind of help will you provide by integrating e ink price tag into our POS system?

Protocol / API / SDK is needed to connect the ESL price tag to your POS system, we will provide these and help your engineer at anytime during the integration, if you want us to help face to face, we would like to do too.

5. Will you provide FREE sample for testing?

It depends, we have several different situation to provide free samples, please contact us for more details.

6. I have 40 stores. Can I use the same software to manage these goods in my stores?

Of course, this is one of the functions of our products. Our online software will integrate your 40 stores together, and you can 

manage these stores separately. The software has many functions. We have integrated as many functions as you may need into the software. I believe after using our ESL price tag, Your management of these stores will be very convenient and fast.

7Can you print or stick a label of our Logo on the ESL price tags?

Yes, the service is provided.

*For the details of other sizes ESL price tags please visit:

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