Why use ESL Electronic Shelf Labels?

When a customer walks into a shopping mall, he will pay attention to the products in the mall from many aspects, such as the quality of the products, the price of the products, the functions of the products, the grades of the products, etc., and the merchants will use ESL Electronic Shelf Labels to display this information. The traditional paper price tags have certain limitations in the display of commodity information, while ESL Electronic Shelf Labels can perfectly display such new information.

When traditional paper price tags need to display commodity information, the specific information must first be determined before the price tag can be made, and then the template tool is used to place the information on the position specified by the price tag, and the printer is used to print, which is tedious work. It not only consumes manpower and material resources, but also wastes a lot of resources to replace paper price tags.

ESL Electronic Shelf Labels breaks this limitation, you can freely design and display content, name, category, price, date, barcode, QR code, pictures, etc. in one screen to create your own store display style.

After ESL Electronic Shelf Labels are entered, they are bound to the product. Changes in product information will automatically change the information on ESL Electronic Shelf Labels. ESL Electronic Shelf Labels have a long service life, saving manpower and resources.

The stylish and simple appearance of ESL Electronic Shelf Labels is full of grandeur, which improves the grade of the mall, improves the shopping experience of customers, and makes every customer a repeat customer as much as possible.

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Post time: Nov-25-2022