What is the purpose of ESL shelf tag?

ESL shelf tag is mainly used in the retail industry. It is a display device with information sending and receiving function. Its main function is to display commodity information. The emergence of ESL shelf tag replaces the traditional paper price tag.

The price of ESL shelf tag changes very quickly. The software on the server side modifies the information, and then the base station sends the information to each small ESL shelf tag through the wireless network, so that the commodity information will be displayed on the ESL shelf tag. Compared with the traditional paper price tags, they need to be printed one by one and then placed manually, saving a lot of cost and time. ESL shelf tag reduces the production and maintenance costs of traditional paper price tags. The corresponding ESL shelf tag has lower maintenance costs and longer service life, and can better serve retailers.

ESL shelf tag can ensure the synchronization of online and offline prices, and perfectly solve the problem that offline prices cannot be synchronized during online promotion. ESL shelf tag has different sizes, which can more comprehensively display the information of goods, improve the grade of the store and bring customers a better shopping experience.

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Post time: May-26-2022