How to use digital shelf tag?

All supermarket retailing industries need price tags to display their goods. Different businesses use different price tags. The traditional paper price tags are inefficient and frequently replaced, which is very troublesome to use.

The digital shelf tag consists of three parts: the server control end, the base station and the price tag. The ESL base station is wirelessly connected to each price tag and wired to the server. The server transmits information to the base station, which assigns the information to each price tag according to its ID.

The server side of digital shelf tag can perform various operations, such as binding goods, template design, template switching, price change, etc. Add commodity name, price and other commodity information to the digital shelf tag template, and bind these information with commodities. When changing commodity information, the information displayed on the price tag will change.

Digital shelf tag system realizes digital management with the support of ESL base station and management platform. It not only simplifies manual operation, but also accumulates a large amount of data and improves efficiency.

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Post time: Jun-02-2022