Hardware and software installation of HPC005 people counter

HPC005 people counter is an infrared people counter device. Compared with other infrared people counters, it has higher counting accuracy.

HPC005 people counter relies on receiving data from RX wirelessly, and then the base station uploads the data to the software display of the server through USB.

The hardware part of HPC005 people counter includes a base station, RX and TX, which are installed at the left and right ends of the wall respectively. The two devices need to be horizontally aligned to obtain the best data accuracy. The base station is connected to the server with USB. The USB of the base station can supply power, so there is no need to connect the power supply after connecting USB.

The USB of HPC005 people counter needs to install a specific driver to connect with the software, and the software also needs to be installed on the server NET3. Platforms above 0.

After the HPC005 people counter base station is deployed, put RX and TX next to the base station to ensure that the data can be transmitted to the server normally, and then install RX and TX to the required location.

The software of HPC005 people counter is recommended to be installed in the root directory of Disk C to ensure that the data can be transferred to the server software with permission.

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Post time: May-10-2022