What is HPC168 passenger counting sensor?

As a binocular counter, HPC168 passenger counting sensor is often used in public transport, which can assist the public transport system and make passengers travel more convenient and smooth.

HPC168 passenger counting sensor is now very common in public transport facilities. It is installed above the door of passengers on and off the vehicle and is used as a tool to record the number of passengers. In this way, we can clearly see the passenger flow of each station in the system and adjust the vehicle frequency, so as to provide better services for passengers.

HPC168 passenger counting sensor has certain requirements for installation, so you need to provide detailed information about the installation location, height and measurement range before you can select the most suitable equipment. Because the equipment lens can be rotated, the angle needs to be adjusted after installation, and then fixed. Therefore, avoid being installed in the position that will be touched during installation, so as to ensure the accuracy of lens position after equipment installation. When installing, try to choose the place with light vibration, which can effectively prolong the service life of the equipment.

HPC168 passenger counting sensor helps us better serve passengers through data analysis, and is highly recommended for public transport systems.

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Post time: May-24-2022