What is ESL price label?

ESL price label is a very practical electronic shelf label. It can bring convenience to merchants and new shopping experience to customers. It is strongly recommended to retailers.

The price label is used to send the price information, and the ESL label is mainly used to receive the price information from the base station. The commodity information is sent to the base station by the software.

ESL price label can use demo software to send data to the base station. The operation of demo software is relatively simple and the transmission speed is relatively fast. In demo software, we can choose to add the elements used to display in ESL price label, including product name, price, picture, etc., as well as one-dimensional code and two-dimensional code. After setting the information, we only need to enter the code of ESL price label to send the information to ESL price label, and the price tag will automatically display the information on the screen.

ESL price label can not only bring beauty to businesses, but also save human resources and forest resources wasted by frequent replacement of paper price tags.

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Post time: Apr-28-2022