How to set HPC168 Passenger counter?

HPC168 passenger counter is a 3D counting device with dual cameras. It has certain requirements for the installation location and height, so we need to know your installation location and height clearly before we can recommend the best choice for you.

When installing the HPC168 passenger counter, pay attention to the direction of the lens and try to ensure that the lens is vertical and downward. The area that the lens can display should preferably be all in the vehicle, or up to 1 / 3 of the area is outside the vehicle.

The default IP address of HPC168 passenger counter is The computer only needs to keep 192.168.1 XXX network segment can establish connection. When your network segment is correct, you can click the connection button in the software. At this time, the interface of the software will display the information captured by the lens.

After setting the page area of HPC168 passenger counter software, click the save picture button to make the device record count display the background. After saving the background picture, please click the refresh picture button. When the original images on the right side of the upper background image are basically gray, and the detection images on the right side of the lower original image are all black, it indicates that the saving is normal and successful. If someone is standing in the scene, the detection image will display its accurate depth information image. Then you can test the data of the equipment.

Please click the below photo for more information:

Post time: May-17-2022