What is Electronic Price Labelling?

Electronic Price Labeling, also known as Electronic Shelf Label (ESL), is an electronic display device with information sending and receiving function, which consists of three parts: display module, control circuit with wireless transmission chip and battery.

The role of Electronic Price Labeling is mainly to dynamically display prices, product names, barcodes, promotional information, etc. The current mainstream market applications include supermarkets, convenience stores, pharmacies, etc., to replace traditional paper labels. Each price tag is connected to the background server/cloud through a gateway, which can adjust product prices and promotion information in real time and accurately. Solve the problem of frequent price changes in the key fresh food parts of the store.

Features of Electronic Price Labeling: support black, white and red colors, fresh scene design, waterproof, drop-proof structure design, ultra-low battery power consumption, support for graphic display, labels are not easy to detach, anti-theft, etc.

The role of Electronic Price Labeling: Quick and accurate price display can improve customer satisfaction. It has more functions than paper labels, reduces the production and maintenance costs of paper labels, removes technical obstacles for the active implementation of price strategies, and unifies online and offline product information.

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Post time: Nov-17-2022