AI Vehicle Counter / Vehicle Counting

Item No.: HPC199
MRB AI vehicle Counter / Vehicle counting
5-50 meters range for people counting or vehicle counting or other targets
distinguish different vehicles
supports learning and calibration of specific targets
Vehicle counter / Vehicle Counting Video : 

HPC199 AI Vehicle Counter has a built-in AI processing chip, which can independently complete target identification, tracking, vehicle counting and control locally. It can be used in traffic statistics, regional management, overload control, anti-tailing control and other scenarios. At the same time, it can be connected with the brand DVR hard disk video recorder, providing a multi-functional and multi-purpose counting product with HD video monitoring function. It can be used alone or online, and it can be used for commercial retail industry, tourism, park and other managers to provide decision-making passenger flow data support, can provide intelligent security control solutions for banks, road traffic and other industries.

it can easily distinguish different vehicles such as Bus, Truck, Car, Motorcycle, Bike...etc.
The HPC199 AI vehicle counter adopts IP65 waterproof design, which can carry out the same precision statistics even when it is used outdoors. HPC199 AI vehicle counter can be installed at any angle, and the probability of being affected by backlight, backlight or sunlight is extremely low. It can automatically filter the shadow influence of the target. The image sensor with high sensitivity can work normally even if there is weak ambient light at night. When HPC199 AI vehicle counter is unable to accurately identify the target in a specific angle, the recognition rate can be improved by target learning training and increasing target samples.

The HPC199 AI vehicle counter integrates the function of vehicle flow statistics, which is not affected by the visual angle. The maximum field of view coverage can reach 20 meters, and the number of targets can be tracked at the same time. According to the user-defined area and target counting direction, the passenger flow statistics of vehicles can be carried out respectively. Only one HPC199 AI vehicle counter can realize the separate statistics of vehicles in and out.

The HPC199 AI vehicle Counter is installed in pole or wall mode. The installation height and shooting angle can be determined according to the actual situation of the scene. It is appropriate that the front vehicle does not block the rear vehicle. When the HPC199 AI Vehicle counter is used to photograph the side of the vehicle, it can obtain relatively ideal vehicle type recognition accuracy.

  HPC19950 HPC19980 HPC199160 HPC199250
camera lens
5.0mm 8.0mm 16mm 25mm
Distance detection
5-15m 8-25m 10-35m 15-50m
Power supply mode
DC12V power Adapter
Power consumption
Binuclear  ARM cortex A53   1.5GHz   32KBI-cache
image sensor
SONY IMX, 1/1.8”  Progressive Scan CMOS
Minimum illumination
0.1 Lux (Streetlight environment at night)
Frame rate
10-30 frame/second
resolving power
Main stream 3840×2160  Sub stream 1280×720
Image standards
H265 / H264 / MJPEG
Onvif / http / modbus / RS485
Vehicle attribute classification
Bus / truck / car / motorcycle (tricycle) / bicycle
Web software management
Local report
Data storage
Interface mode
Network port, 485 port
Protection level
185mm* 85mm*90mm
humidity 45 95 %
We have the similar product used for people Crowd counting as below: 

count in 4 areas at the same time, each area with maximum 4 directions.

HPC199 AI vehicle counter supports learning and calibration of specific targets, and finally realizes the ability of specific target recognition. This function requires the use of network environment that can be connected to the Internet, and the collected image information is transmitted to the cloud platform of the company for target calibration in real time. If you need to identify specific targets, please contact our customer service department.

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